Business Phone Systems in Bakersfield, CA

VoIP Systems

business phone systemRunning a business with a large office and sizable workforce requires that some significant investment be made in technologies, including a phone system that can serve your whole workforce for internal communication as well as communication with your clients. Tech Xpress specializes in providing installation and support of business phone systems in Bakersfield, CA. Here’s a look at our phone services:

  • New phones: Whether your business is growing, moving into a new facility or dissatisfied with its current phone system, Tech Xpress can help. We offer a variety of quality phones and phone systems for use in today’s business environment, and are happy to help you choose products that will be appropriate for your business’ needs.
  • Setup and installation: Once you’ve chosen the phones that will work best for your company, don’t think we’ll just leave you to figure out how to set them up on your own. We’ll make sure the whole system is set up and installed properly for optimal function. We even set up and install VoIP systems in Bakersfield, CA for use with the latest technology.
  • Multiple lines/faxes: Busy executives, administrators and office managers frequently require the ability to use multiple phone lines, either for additional incoming and outgoing calls or for use with a fax machine. Tech Xpress can set up multiple lines to ensure your company’s phone and fax needs are totally covered.
  • Ongoing support: As a premier source of business phone systems in Bakersfield, CA, Tech Xpress is proud to offer not just efficient and expert installation services, but also fast, friendly and helpful ongoing support. Technology tends to work great until it doesn’t work at all—when you need assistance with your phone system, make sure you get in touch with Tech Xpress for the help you need.

For all of your business phone needs, including the installation of VoIP systems in Bakersfield, CA, call Tech Xpress at 661-310-3404. We look forward to helping you identify a suitable phone solution for your business, and are glad to offer our ongoing support.